The Book Club

We set up book clubs in secondary schools across Africa where students will read and review two books per terms which makes 6 books a year. These books are carefully selected to convey the values of leadership, character, entrepreneurship and other germane values we intend to pass across to them. Values that will make them better humans and better citizens and they will meet weekly to review the books. The book review will also open avenue for mentorship and secondary school workshop sessions and skill acquisition programs. Debate, book writing, reading competitions will also be encouraged internally within the bookclubs and also against other book clubs in other schools.

How We Do It

We start by visiting the schools and meeting with the management and relevant stakeholders. On establishing the Book Club, we will then set up a coordinating system within the BookClub and the school in extension such that the club can self propel and grow. Our Coordinating system consist of the appointment of 2-4 Drivers who will visit the school regularly and oversee its Book Club. We will also appoint BookClub Coordinator/Adviser from among the school staff, which could be the Literature teacher. Furthermore, we will appoint executives among the members of the Book Club such as Presidents, Secretary, Editor-In-Chief who will run the Book Club under the watchful eyes of the coordinator and the guidance of the Drivers.
All these will be done in close partnership and agreement with the school management and we will make necessary adjustment to accommodate each school's peculiarity as we work together towards achieving the goal.


TheDrivers are student leaders in tertiary institutions  or cooperate organizations and are normally assigned to schools close to them. They are selected from applications and recommendations. We screen them for characters, passion, love for books and also the willingness to devote their time to the Reforming of their community through book clubs and establishing of public Libraries. After picking them, they undergo training and several workshops before they are commissioned. 

  • TheDriver manage the Bookclubs and provide feedback for to the school and the reformers.
  • They oversee the selection/election of executives.
  • They make the books readily available.
  • They organize workshops and other seminars.
  • They will also read along with the students and attend a minimum of 50% of their total annual book reviews.


The coordinator plays an important role in bringing about a synchronization between TheReformers and the school management. The book club will be a partnership between TheReformers and the school management and the Coordinator represents the partnership just as TheDrivers for TheReformers.

  • An interested member of staff will be selected by the school management to function in this capacity
  • Will represent the school in decision making.
  • Should be interested in the goal of the program which is to build reading culture in young Africans
  • Should be able to read books along with TheReformers and the students.
  • Should be willing to devote one hour weekly to join in the book review with the club
  • Should be willing to support with organization and planning of workshops


A leadership structure will be set up among members of the Book Club and the Leadership team is know as TheExcos. TheExcos will basically involve the President, General Secretary and Editor-In-Chief. They are selected under the guidance of the school management, coordinator and TheDrivers through election by club members, appointment by the school management or any other acceptable method as suggested by the school management.

  • They must be willing to accept the position and its functions.
  • They should be students with acceptable behaviors and good leadership potential.
  • They will be in charge of running the Book Club under the supervision of the Coordinator and Drivers.
  • They will be in charge of coordinating the book review sessions and making preparations for workshops.

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