Mentorship is an integral part of our programme since no building can be done without a builder and we pick our builders for track records and passion 

The Mentorship Program of TheReformers is an initiative where we connect secondary school students with mentors around the world who can guide them through career and life. Due to the sensitivity of this program,  The Selection of Builders is done base on multiple recommendations, track records and interest. The responsibility of the mentors also goes beyond the normal classroom activities.


TheReformers Mentors are known as TheBuilders. We reach out to builders after  verified recommendations and not really by applications. Although we encourage very passionate individuals interested in being a builder to apply as this will bring them under our observation radar and will also encourage our interest in them if they were already under observation. Once a Builder is selected, he/she will undergo a brief workshop which is meant basically to intimate them about TheReformers and what will be required of them. Builders are recommended to mentees base on administrative matching to ensure best fit and the mentee will make the final decision. As a builder, you will be assigned to a number of two to 5 mentees based on your capability and our judgement of your capacity for a period from 6 months to 18 months. You are expected to support your mentees in area of career and academics by counselling and also setting of monthly milestone and ensuring they achieve it. A monthly report of your building initiative with your mentees will also be submitted for evaluation. The activities of building will be done mostly online with calls and social media integrations. There will also be a dynamic joint building session once in every term that will bring students from schools in specific communities to a host school. The event will include workshops and seminars and will enable Builders to meet with their mentees one-on-one in a special session known as "TheDecking".

Selection Criteria

  • Should be someone who have passion for Teens and tangible experience in working with Teen
  • Demonstrated substantial experience, expertise and successes in career and leadership
  • A strong desire to help others grow and develop; ideally with a track record on this either formally or informally.
  •  Strong listening skills and self-awareness.
  •  A willingness to champion the goal of TheReformers goal within your network.
  • Should be able to devote at least one academic calendar.
  • Ability to devote at least two hour of their time a weekly


  • Responsibility for guiding career part and decision of the mentee
  • Set monthly milestone for the mentee and supervise its attainment.
  • Devote a minimum of two hours a week for the mentee
  • Attend at least one "decking" and one Conference annually except for unavoidable circumstances.
  • Provide advice to the organization on how to improve the program
  • Submit brief monthly report on the building project.
  • Contribute educative materials for the building process.

The Benefit

  • Becoming part of an African Reforming project.
  • Opportunity to shape the generation of Africans
  • Opportunity to inspire and empower the next generation of African to stand with the rest of the world
  • Opportunity to give back to the society.
  • Honing skills such as coaching, listening, leadership style and strategy.
  •  Two-way learning opportunity.
  • Networking opportunity/potential business partners.
  • Participation in the annual National secondary school conferences/hackerton and the National Youth Summit.
  • Opportunity to partner with businesses being set up by the hackerton.