I was working on a project with someone. That day we had gotten the list of the components we needed for the mechanical fabrication of the project, so we set out to buy them. On getting to the main road, we thought, since this side of the town seems busier and have various markets along the road we should be able to get what we needed there or alongside. So we turned to our left side and kept going.

Not to bore you with the story of the almost fruitless day, we moved and trekked for hours under the sun and also asking people where we could possibly get the kinds of stuff we needed but all to zero. We almost ended the day with no success story. It was not funny at all. I trekked that day that I felt the pain in my thighs.

A great book said, “A blind can’t lead another blind, lest they both fall into a ditch”. If only we had asked questions from the right person, then we would not have wasted money, time and probably get something other than pain. Now the funny part is that what we combed different markets places for something that was just a few kilometres away from our house. We ask someone who happens to be the right person and then decided to try it out before finally retiring that day. We took another ride towards our house and stopped at a shop. easily got the components without stress.
The reason my fingers are dancing over my keyboard seems obvious now. LEADERSHIP!!!

How do you talk of having direction without a guide? I know it is a popular saying that “Experience is the best teacher” Trust me you don’t want to have the experience of drinking a poison before you learn that it’s a poison. You can simply ask! Yes, that task that seems enormous and impossible is possible and small if only you can just ask the right person. Maybe if I get to rewrite that old wrong saying I’d say “Knowledge is the best teacher”.

How many times have you lost an opportunity just because you never had a guide? Or took a long time decision that is now hunting you if only you had the right knowledge? Or you lost your life savings in a business just because you thought you could do it without a guide. You see, not everything in life comes with a second chance like games do. There are decisions you make once in a lifetime that affects you for the rest of your life! You don’t want to gamble on that. I am sure you want to do the right thing. You don’t have to fail an examination for you to pass it.

Experiences are other people’s past. You can simply borrow their own past to light your present and move to the future. Ask and it shall be given you.
Then if knowledge is so vital and key to one’s life, how then do I get knowledge?

Have you ever got need to search Google or Bing or other search engines for an answer before? I am sure sometimes you will have to swim your way through the flood of suggestions. Did I say suggestions and not answers? Yes, you get suggestions and most answers are based on your own discretion which can be wrong or right.

On the other hand, have you ever gone on tourist and ask a tourist guide for direction and you get a precise answer? Why? It is because the guide man is a specialist in what he does and not a jack of all trade. So what I am saying is that a sure source of knowledge to light and guide your path through life is LEADERSHIP. You need a mentor to guide you and help you go around obstacles easily. You need someone already experienced in the way you intend and let him guide you with his own experience and you sail safely.

Sheep go astray without a shepherd. If experience must be your best teacher, then make it the experience of others and not yours! It’s that simple.
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So right now before you take the next decision, get someone to put you through and ask questions.
Be sure you are taking the right decision.
Do not gamble with your life.
Obtain knowledge.
Get a mentor.

Babatunde Oladoyinbo


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