literacy day


Illiteracy has been the problem of Nigeria for decades and now a pillar of underdevelopment in the country. “We are all equal,” says the constitution but in reality, we are far from being equal because of Ignorance and our literacy level, which has to drown us to the bottom of the society.

For so many years, being able to read and write was all that was needed to become a literate but not any more. That is just an aspect of literacy. You have to be literate to be able to use numbers to solve problems, You have to be literate to critically use technology, you have to be literate to be able to understand the health care system, you have to be literate to understand and manage finances and finally, you have to be literate to understand and criticize information you get from other people.  Literacy is not just a skill, its the beginning of wisdom. “My people perish for lack of wisdom” – A text from the oldest living book says it all.

Poverty is the direct offspring of Illiteracy. Little wonder why Africa is one of the poorest continents in the world. A quick peek at history shows that Literacy was the direct equivalence of power and only those who could read and write were allowed to rule and lead the people. Although A large population of the people know how to read and write in this era, not everyone knows the full capacity of what they have – the power to change the world.

Literacy is a very powerful tool and the only way to become literate is through education. Not only through the defined years of formal education, but also through living it all your life – Learning! Learning! Learning! until your last breath.

Literacy is the first step towards freedom from any constraint. If you really want to make Nigeria and the world a better place, be a Literate!
Happy International Literacy Day.

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