Eradicating Poverty In Africa

The United Nations Development program SDGs is set for eradicating poverty in the world by 2030. The organizations have taken so many bold steps in achieving this, and that has included encouraging agriculture and skill development among many other things.

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According to the World Bank, tremendous progress has been achieved in reducing the world population living in extreme poverty from over 36 percent in 1990 to only 10 percent in 2015. In numbers, that is about 1 billion of the population escaping extreme poverty.

While other regions of the world are having a drastic reduction in their poverty level, showing great success against 2030, poverty has continuously been on the rise in Sub-Sahara Africa especially countries like Nigeria and Congo frustrating the UNDP goal of ending extreme poverty in the world by 2030. Many countries in Asia, such as China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and more recently India are tactically reducing the number of their poor population.

In fact, China is set to leave the extreme poverty level by 2021, 9 years ahead of plan. While here in Nigeria and other African countries have successfully created an environment that breeds extreme poverty. It might interest you to know that out of the top 35 countries with the highest percentage of extremely poor people (leaving below the $1.9 mark), Africa countries make about 30 of the list. This goes without further saying to establish the fact that extreme poverty is in Africa and the biggest problem is that it’s continuously on the rise, making it almost impossible for Africa to end extreme poverty by 2030.

Poverty, TheReformers
If countries like China with one of the highest extreme poverty level 40 years ago can pull almost 1 billion of its population out of poverty within 40 years to become free of extreme poverty by 2021, then Africa too can achieve this. Poverty is normally a result of some things and eradicating poverty in Africa will require us first identifying these causes and putting in measures to extinguish them. Some of the major factors that have played a major role in holding Africa down in poverty have ranged from insecurity and terrorism, corruption, bad government, lack of quality education, high unemployment rate, high fertility rate to many other things. All these problems can further be rounded up into one deficiency that has hidden deep inside the fabric of African nations which is the Poor Education System. No nation of the world has ever strived under illiteracy, education is what brings about awareness. Mandela puts it simply that; “education is the most powerful weapon with which we can change any nation”.
This is why TheReformers are doing everything possible to add extra value to our education system here in Africa. We believe the better educated Africans are then the better our chances of eradicating poverty. Africa needs every hand on deck if we are to rise above extreme poverty by the end of 2030. You can be part of this movement of accelerating Africa out of poverty by picking interest in educating young deserving persons around you, or you can support TheReformers and let us do it together. TheReformers is actively involved in Library planting, the setting of book clubs, online school among many other active education campaigns across Africa.

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