Broken Chain

BREAK THAT OLD CHAIN!!!. It was on a WhatsApp group chat. The group was for the alumni of a particular secondary school which I happen to be one too. That night, I was bored and tired, so I decided to read the piled up messages to drive myself to dreamland.
Moses was my classmate back in the years, we were both in the science department. Now, we have been apart for years and the only contact was just via viewing and probably liking pictures on Facebook. It was voice notes that I stumbled on that night and I decided to listen and read the chats while smiling all alone in my room.
To me, reading and listening to the voice notes were justice for my mobile data. I was listening and smiling at their jokes and new views about life. Not until I was hit by the bombshell. Moses said, and I paraphrased “If I get to occupy any public office too, I will do even worse than they have done”. Needful to say, the bone of contention that day had been concerning the political leaders of the country and the consequences on our lives.
Actually, I could have passed by and just smiled as usual but this was different. Moses? he was not like this during those days in class. Though we were not close pals then, but I could still talk of his innocence at that time.
Well, maybe I was wrong. Maybe it had always been inside of him or it later grew in him, that I can’t really say but one thing I could conclude at that moment when I heard the voice note was that… You can take a guess. Maybe you are right, follow me.
I know the majority of the readers of this article will be wrong. No! I did not conclude that Moses was now corrupt or he is now a bad boy. Rather, I saw a bigger, larger, and landmine of the problem in our nation, Nigeria.
In my culture, there is a popular saying that “Whatever the birds eat, it will surely fly with.” Now you agree with me that your guess was wrong.
You see, Moses here is not the major problem. Rather, the problem that we fail to see in the society, the community, the environment that breeds this kind of mindset. Imagine if Moses had grown up in a society where he was not exposed to this sort of selfish and preposterous belief, do you think he would have come up with this conception? Even if he does, it will be very easy for him to rebuke the thought and hope for a better life and society.

That night, do you know that Moses had already sown a seed in the hearts of many that heard his voice? Many are feeble in the heart and boneless in decision making. Moses already got followers for himself even unconsciously because one or two people and possibly more will agree with his direction of view and from there, they will pass it on to others that care to listen to them as well. This is how the “Moses School Of Thought” will be formed and spread.
What then is the purpose of this writing? I know that as harmless as a paper might be, much more is knowledge powerful. I am writing this so that we can suppress, curtail, and eradicate the virus of continuous evil mindsets in our society so that we can have a better home to live in. You will agree with me as I said earlier that Moses was just reacting to the stimuli from his environment. Reacting is not the problem now, after all, reaction to an external stimulus is a quality of living things.

What matters now is how Moses reacted. He had reacted in a negative way, which showed that he was feeble-minded. His reaction showed that he was not firm in his decision to live a good life, lead a better generation and also, be a good example for those behinds. Moses reacted badly.
In some states in Nigeria, as you may know, they dedicate the early hours of a particular day of the month to Environmental Sanitation. In this exercise, individuals starting from their corner up to the outside perimeters of their house engage in various cleaning activities- cutting, washing, burning, etc and in no time, the whole house is clean, then the whole close, the whole street, the community, the state, and the country at large becomes clean. Well, the country becomes sparkling clean if only Mr. A, Mr. B, and Mrs. C do what they ought to do as good and moral citizens of the country.

In the same light, the cleanliness of this home of ours, our motherland, depends on what you and I do or did not do. A great book says “He that knows to do good and do it not, to him it is a sin.” What you and I did yesterday is what we will see today and what we did not do today is what we will meet tomorrow. Are you saying you are not concerned? Or are you pointing to the leaders and passing blame on them? Well, we can do that from now till eternity, it changes nothing! And peradventure if anything changes, it will be for the worst.
So you and I have to decide to disallow the continuous growth and thriving of evil in our society. We have to stand up and push evil out of the land. Not until you light that little candle in your corner and I also do the same in my corner here, we will all be in darkness with no exception. So the time has come for us to stop sitting and complaining, passing the baton of blame, singing woes all day concerning the country, and doing nothing! It is time for all compatriots to arise and take a step, take an action for the love of our motherland. Shall we not allow the labors of our heroes past to be in vain? Shall we take the action and be different and BREAK THAT OLD CHAIN!!!

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