HonestyEver wondered what you can achieve by being real with yourself? Honesty is not just about telling the truth. It’s about being real with yourself and others, about who you are, what you want, and what you need to live your most authentic life. Authenticity brings out originality, while originality brings about self-actualization which is to realize fully one’s potential. After all, the most natural beauty in the world is honesty, for all beauty is truth ( Lord Shaftesbury).

How can you be honest?
  1. Be truthful to yourself: Examine your emotions and intentions. What do you actually feel?
  2. Be yourself: When you understand your intentions, you have to begin owning up to who you really are. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who has accepted who they are, their flaws, their strength and their all
  3. Own up to your mistakes: Build an attitude of making up for your mistakes, rather than hiding them.

How does honesty lead to self-actualization? Self-actualization according to Merriam Webster is to realize fully one’s potential. Indirectly, I’m saying honesty enables you to realize your potential. Potential is expressing or existing in possibility, something that can develop or become actual.

Potentials are about what you can become, it assures you of been a better person and staying out of poverty. Those things you have passion for, those subjects you excel in with little effort, those things that create exceptional ecstasy in you after accomplishing are your passion and are sacrosanct to be an achiever. Not copying others or following other pathways but be real with oneself, realizing one strength and weakness is the best way to stay ahead.

Imagine going to Lagos from Ibadan and you went ahead to pass Ilorin or Osogbo, it clearly shows you have missed the way and you have to actually return to Ibadan before moving to your original destination which is Lagos. This clearly shows originality and h

onesty with oneself without following multitudes because our destination differs. Honesty is a step closer to self-achievement and greatness. Remember there’s no such thing as a man willing, to be honest—- that would be like a blind man willing to see ( F Scott Fitzgerald).

Right or wrong image

What are the benefits of being honest?

  1. It promotes authenticity
  2. It fosters courage: courage is not the absence of fear but doing what you know want despite your fear
  3. Honesty shows self-acceptance
  4. Honesty fosters the right connection. A lawyer in the midst of Doctors seems lost not because he is not intelligent but because he is not in the right place. Always be true to yourself to attract the right people that will help your vision, don’t always pretend to do what you cannot achieve because of show off or recognition, been true with yourself creates a connection between you and the right people you need for personal development. Do not follow your best friend to science class when you have no passion for science subjects, you can be the best version of yourself by following your path. Remember Jeff Bezos is not a medical Doctor, neither Ellon Musk nor Mark Zuckerberg but they are men who followed their passion, Ben Carson was excellent as a neurosurgeon because he was true to himself when he realized his gifted hands. Honesty is not just the best policy but the only policy for simplicity. 
  5.  realized his gifted hands. Honesty is not just the best policy but the only policy for simplicity.

Remember to build your home, it requires you, to build your lineage, you have to be true to yourself. And with you actualizing your potential, you have made a name for yourself and your entire generation. To build Africa, we need Africans.



  1. I want to believe our society affects our honesty level, especially when It comes to our abilities. Looking at most of our societies here in Africa where some skills won’t put food on the table. Are we supposed to pursue such passion as a career in a bid to be honest with ourselves, and follow heart when we know quite alright such passion won’t feed us?

    1. I believe your talent will surely bring food to your table. Maybe all what you need to do is to rebranding. Every skill pays

  2. I think following your heart in all honesty might not be so feasible in some of our communities. Imagine I have a passion for a career that will not put food on my table in terms of the pay, should I go ahead to pursue such career in a bud to be honest with myself or shift somewhere else?

    1. Being honest with yourself does not mean you should act without thinking. In fact, being honest with yourself should also mean honestly putting all those into consideration. A career that will not pay the bills should not be made your mainstay. The passion that can not pay the bills should be a hobby and not a career. That for us is honesty!

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