Africa Map, The reformersBefore European colonialism, Africa was estimated to have up to 10,000 different states and independent groups with distinct languages and customs.At some point, it was in fact, named the ‘Mother Continent” due to its being the oldest inhabited continent on earth.

Apart from its high population and being the oldest continent, it was also blessed with a rich bounty of natural resources. It is in fact, one of the top resource-rich continents constituting 30% of the world’s mineral reserves.
However, despite being very rich and blessed, it’s so sad to know that Africa is amongst the world’s 28 poorest countries. As of 2015, statistics showed that 41% of Africa is in poverty. This has become one of the biggest challenges every region of the continent is facing and it is now a known fact that poverty has actually gotten worse in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa, which constitutes about 30% out of the 41% poverty rate in Africa.
The effects of poverty on Africa are no trivial matter. Wars and conflicts have become rampant in society. Ethical conflicts are now prevalent in most regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. Citizens are killing one another all in the name of fighting for their tribes and ethnicity. Some examples of this include the religious conflicts in Nigeria, the Arab genocide against the native Sudanese, the riots in the Ivory Coast, and Liberia, just to mention a few. The entire region is riddled with tribal conflicts.
Hunger is not also left out on the run. Many people have been left on the streets with nothing to eat or feed on. A lot of families couldn’t even afford a single proper meal daily. Suffering has now been the order of the day for most, if not all citizens. This has led to the breakdown of infectious diseases such as malaria, cholera, etc, or even in worst-case scenarios, led to the death of both adults and infants. All these and many more resulted in the overall lower standard of living in Africa.
Now, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves the question “Is there still hope for Africa?”. This question, stuck in the hearts of many Africans hoping to get the desired answers. It is then with delight, that my answer to this question says “YES, there’s still hope for Africa”.
However, the continent as a whole must develop the right mindset if the half-filled cup is to overflow. Things can only get better if we work towards it. It is without a doubt that Africa cannot be built without building Africans. We must be the change we want in the continent and the world at large. It’s high time we stood up on our feet and transition from pain to purpose. Establish a goal today, pursue education, empower yourself, seek productivity, and together, we can build the Africa of our dreams!


  1. The National Talents will rather go to Canada to work there than stay in Nigeria to build it. It’s understandable! The more we build, the more the environment and economics gets harder ! Imagine dollar rate now ! N510/$

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