We don't believe that hunger can be eradicated by mere feeding the hungry, this is why we do it differently. We are passionate about what we do. 

The Mission

To accelerate Africa out of Poverty and Hunger using extra value added Education, Mentorship to build people centric leaders, Skill Empowerment and Job Creation.

The Vision

To use our unlimited passion for community develeopment to build a continent where no one is hungry.

Annual Letter

This year marks the Genesis of TheReformers. If there was anytime when Africa should pay more attention to education again is now. The power of Education can never be over emphasized and this has been the area of concern for great African Leaders in the past like Awolowo, Madela and many more. TheReformers this year will work on building and strengthening our launch pad. We will be concentrating on setting up book clubs in secondary schools and organizing of free workshops and skill training both offline and online.

To achieve this and eventually providing education in form of knowledge and skills, we will need support of our community. "No Great Achievement Anywhere Has Ever or Will Ever Be Achieved By a Single Person. It takes Great People to Make Great Achievement". For this reason we will be looking forward to partner with great individuals and organizations in championing this worthy course. Your little together with mine can be the difference.


TheReformers Initiative is driven by well trained Ambassadors we love to call TheDrivers. They are the engine powering TheReformers. TheDrivers are spread across states and cities in Africa and they are responsible for spare heading the initiative in their various cities and states under the Project Drive Management (PDM) structure of TheReformers. TheDrivers are primarily picked from among ThePhilantropists with a minimium of a year working experience with TheReformers and a record of outstanding commitment over time.


The Mentorship Program of TheReformers is an initiative where we connect secondary school students with mentors around the world who can guide them through career and life. Due to the sensitivity of this program,  The Selection of TheBuilders is done base on multiple recommendations, track records and interest. You can take a wide guess who the chairman  TheBuilders Committee is?


TheReformers is managed and run by some of the smartest, passionate and compassionate people around. It might interest you to know that the start up team of TheReformers are still intact from the very beginning even as more great minds has also joined the movement. 

We would love to hear from you!

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